So Imma start blogging!

I have no idea how i did it, but i managed to restore some kind of blogging function to this wordpress theme. Yes, I am using wordpress and I am using a theme, which I customized in a somewhat destructive way. I just added a new page and named it ‘Diary’. Because, I will probably be using video, text and images to elaborate on my photography adventures! Some of those being photoshoots, and some being online adventures and things i find out or share from my desk.

For now I am pretty tired, but i will be really really happy to share some of my photoshop or photocamera knowledge with you guys here starting pretty soon. Or, remarkable stories from my photoshoot experiences! For now, I will just leave this youtube link here. Because… video content.

And finally why am I blogging? Well, you know… mandatory SEO and stuff… keeping followers updated and interested…, profiling myself as an expert in my specific fields of photography and photo-editing… and naturally because I just like to write since as long as I remember! 😉 and might even give followers a nice sneak peak or a BTS that you won’t find anywhere else now and then!

See you guys later!