What is coming up next??

Written by Protogy

Soooo I’m not about writing a big blog right now, but i will tell you a little more about my experiences and what’s up next!
After the shoot with the amazing Natasja Less (you can still buy signed prints, limited no. – just a few dozens in total available) new concepts are already in the making. There are always plenty of people i would love to work with and too little time.

Since i’m doing a 5 day a week internship at the moment, only the weekends remain. However, photoshooting is my main hobby that keeps me going. It energizes me meeting all these beautiful and interesting people while i’m at it. It’s funny, because before I ventured into the world of people-photography I had a stereotype idea about ‘models’. I would love to elaborate on this subject but it would make the post very long and I still got work to do, so I’ll just leave a brief remark: It all comes down to who they are as a person. And usually they are just as shy, down-to-earth and nerdy as you! The photo’s they pose for are a creation that do not necessarily reflect who they are on the streets. If you saw a model walking to the supermarket in her regular lazy sunday outfit, you might not even notice or recognize her! But it’s exactly their real personalities behind the creation that fascinate me, because they are so diverse even among other ‘models’! 😉

Anyways, getting to the point of photoshoots coming up. I am super excited about a photoshoot with a beautiful cosplayer, Shiaya Costumes! Not only does she look great herself, she made one of the most authentic costumes i have seen so far! No painted cardboard boxes there – proper techniques have been used (i believe thermal casting among those).

There are also plans for yet another 70s pin-up photoshoot with an oldtimer car; a dodge Charger 68!  In contrast with the pin-up shoot with Natasja Less , the model for this one has a darker and more alternative, grittier yet beautiful look. She will pose boudoir style on this tough looking car in black coating.

Oh yes – i AM going to do my first pregnancy photoshoot. Never done that before, but i was approached by a wonderful to be-mom and we had an instant good vibe, so i’m sure this is a great opportunity to see if there are options for me testing the waters here! (no pun intended).

several other shoots were in the concepting phase or awaiting greenlight or a date to take place, yet have been endlessly postponed. Although some take more preparation than others (months of research and connecting with the right people vs a couple of evenings on facebook chat), i know i’m gonna make them happen soon enough. There will be a smersh spionam themed photoshoot with the entire setting historically correct. There will be a barbarian female warrior photoshoot with a horse. There will also be some hadouken/martial arts photoshoots or i will combine this with some of my themed photoshoots. and also some models are probably still alwaiting my response for their dance-themed photoshoots (or they might have forgotten about it, yet i haven’t). All in all, capturing fast movement is the red line here.

well, that’s all folks! time for me to put some work into pressing study matters.

– Annop

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